Green, Blue Button Caps - Peel and Stick Nintendo Switch

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Decorate your Switch with a gorgeous glossy set of blue and green button caps. Button caps peel and stick on - NO ASSEMBLY required. Thumb grips are easy to just pop on and off.

🕹 1 Circular green D-Pad
🕹 1 Cross green D-Pad
🕹 1 set 4 blue buttons
🕹 1 set 4 green buttons
💚 Optional matching 6 set thumb grips of different height

You can replace your direction (up/left/right/down) buttons and/or your A/B/X/Y with any of these.

Comes with easy instructions
1. Gently clean all of the buttons and dry
2. Use the attached stickers, and place carefully onto each button
3. Attach the new button cap on
4. Repeat on other side

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