Kirby Switch Case - Nintendo Switch Snap On Hard Shell Protector

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Protect your Nintendo Switch Standard with an adorable Kirby shell! Does NOT fit the Switch Lite. Features a pouting Kirby on the back. Gorgeous pastel pink color.

💖 Left Joy-Con case (front and back are separate)
💖 Right Joy-Con case (front and back are separate)
💖 Switch body case
💖 Optional 4 sakura cherry blossom thumb grips

💖 Lightweight and portable
💖 Beautiful pastel colors
💖 Durable and protective

Instructions for DOCKING:
1. Remove the body shell.
2. Snap the body shell back on and align with all buttons.
3. Try docking. Press down gently into the dock.
4. Wait 10 seconds. If it still does not work, then repeat steps 1-3 a few times. It may take a few tries, but the shell should line up with the body and the docking container.

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