Animal Crossing Thumb Grips - Switch Leaf, Flower, Tom Nook, Paw Print - Pack of 2 or 4

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Decorate your Switch with Animal Crossing New Horizons thumb grips! Makes a great gift or treat yourself.

👍 Choose between over 20 different designs. Choices include: 🍃 Leaf 🌼 Flower 🐻 Tom Nook 🐾 Paw Prints and more!
👍 Buy an All pack for a steal - only $68 worth $106 bought individually!
👍 Thumb grips comes in pack of 2 (single letters) or 4 (double letters)
👍 They fit on Standard Switch & Switch Lite
👍 Game with better grip!
👍 Soft comfortable silicone
👍 Easy to put on and take off

Pair your thumb grips with other Animal Crossing skins and cases. We offer free shipping on USA orders over $35. We sell all sorts of Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite goodies!

If you want to increase sensitivity of your joy cons with the thumb grips on, follow the instructions below.

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