Glitter Clear Soft Switch Lite Case - Silicone Cover Protector

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Protect your Nintendo Switch Lite with a glittery, beautiful, soft, durable clear case! Features silver speckles. Easy to snap on, easy to remove. Made out of soft, smooth silicone.

Fits with skins! Switch LITE only. The case is currently shown on a charcoal gray Nintendo Switch Lite and with a pink/blue Switch Lite skin.

✓ Scratch resistant
✓ Shockproof
✓ Water resistant
✓ Easily snaps on and off
✓ Great to put stickers on
✓ Clear means you still see your skin and stickers!

For extra staying power for the crystal thumb grips, small round double sided tape is provided. Instructions:
1. Remove the round double-sided tape from the bag.
2. Carefully peel off the top layer of the tape.
3. Apply the tape to the inside of the crystal thumb grip.
4. Put the crystal thumb grip on the joystick button.
5. Press and hold for 5 seconds.
6. Repeat for the other thumb grip.

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