Pastel Button Caps - Nintendo Switch Controller Covers

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** Does NOT fit with any kind of skin sticker or shell case that goes directly over the front of the Joy Cons. **

Decorate your Switch with a beautiful pastel set of button caps and thumb grip combo. Choose between colors like pink, white, purple, and more.

🕹 2 sets buttons sticker caps (8 buttons total)
🕹 2 thumb grips

Please note that only the green and blue button caps DO NOT come with thumb grips and instead come with 2 D-Pads.

You can replace your direction (up/left/right/down) buttons and/or your A/B/X/Y with any of these 8 button stickers.

Comes with easy instructions
1. Gently clean all of the buttons and dry
2. Use the attached stickers, and place carefully onto each button
3. Attach the new button cap on
4. Repeat on other side

Please note that for Switch LITE, you will only be able to use 4 of the button caps and there will be 4 extra.

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