Pastel Button Caps and D-Pad - Nintendo Switch

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** NOT recommended for Switch Lite - D-Pads will NOT fit **

Decorate your Switch Standard Joy-Cons with a cool set of button caps. Does NOT require assembly. Simply stick and peel!

🌟 Transform your Switch buttons to be glossy! Shiny bright, smooth finish.
🌟 No tools required, and simply takes 5 minutes! Stickers and instructions are provided.
🌟 Only fits 4 buttons on the Switch Lite (D-Pads do not fit), and does not fit the Pro Controller.
🌟 Added height, width, and push makes gameplay more comfortable and fun!
🌟 Please note that D-Pads and caps will fit with skin stickers, but not most shell cases.

βœ” 1 circular D-Pad
βœ” 1 cross D-Pad
βœ” 2 sets of button caps
βœ”Β 12 button stickers
βœ”Β 4 rubber D-Pad stickers (prevents accidentally pressing other buttons)

Comes with easy instructions
1.Β Peel off the button stickers and place on each button.
2.Β For the cross key, apply one black rubber sticker to the center.
3. Remove top sticker layer. Apply and hold keys onto each button.

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